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About us

Our professional experience is the foundation of your success.
SOC-China was established in Sep. 2003, with its headquarters in Guangzhou, and offices in Beijing and Shanghai. It is a comprehensive PR consulting company with solid assets and strong ability of management and extensive experience, which is committed to provide integrated and professional PR consultant services to local and international companies of different cultures.
China has witnessed the astonishing development of PR since its infancy in 1980s. Starting from the press agency to brands and reputation consultancy to corporates, then evolving to today’s public affairs management, PR has been playing an important role in building up companies’ image, improving their business environment and communicating with extensive receivers. As members of SOC-China, we have experienced the development of PR and its great impact.
As a leading PR agency, SOC-China has endeavored to provide “result-oriented” services since its establishment. We help our clients to gain competitive advantages and business success step by step: first ensuring the effects of media communication and on-site activities, and then positively influencing target receivers’ awareness, opinions and attitudes, as a result, enhancing companies’ image and sales finally. Following this principle, the development of SOC-China promotes the rise and prospers of PR in South China and enlarges the business scope from IT to telecom, automobile, finance, health care, fast moving consumption goods, government and non-profit organizations.
Outstanding achievements in China not only depend on the professional PR ability and insight but also the profound understanding of cultural background and public opinions, as well as the strong social network supports. The combination of these two aspects creates a unique PR mode in China and ensures the leading advantage and developing basis for SOC-China. By employing talented staff from different business and profession fields, SOC-China has set up a wonderful intelligence and resources network. Meanwhile, due to the long period of cooperation with international companies, SOC-China keep in pace with the latest PR principles and practice.
SOC-China is your reliable partner. We are taking the advantage of local internationalized talents, getting in-depth and thorough understanding of your needs, as well as your planning communication and promotion, keeping good relationship with local largest media groups and related government departments, communicating your core values as well; furthermore, we are making efforts to protect your companies’ reputation from crises and bring you through.
Pursuing the most professional services, we are trying to interpret PR into an art full of creativity and charm. It is the best stage of PR to influence receivers in a unnoticeable way.  As we hold clear knowledge of what motivates and impedes the companies, we have accumulated skills and techniques applied for daily service. It is the advancing concept and precise execution that brings SOC-China honor and trust,as well as long-term clients such as Alcatel, Dopod, Amoi, Sony, Nortel Networks, AMD, NCR
PLXChannel V, HITACHI and Nokia.
To some extent, PR is a resources-integrated industry. We believe that excellent HR is important in the development of PR company. “Nourishment, development, more chances and motivation to talent” is our HR principle, and our core value as well. We have elites graduated from famous universities, managerial experts with rich international experience and members from different industries. We are advancing hand in hand with our clients to create a bright future .