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  About us

Good PR has already been an essential factor in corporate’s success. It provides a platform among companies government and consumers for communication and promotion. Since establishment, SOC-China has developed tailor-made strategy in every project, some of which even became classic cases in PR.
SOC-China won the clients with its professional attitudes and quality and efficient services. The spirit sets up a new PR image.
With rich experience, SOC-China is committed to promote PR in South China to be professionalized, and contributing to the rise and prosper of local PR. Its business scope currently covers IT, telecom, automobile, finance, health care, fast moving consumption goods, government and non-profit organizations.
Choose us, gain your success:
 good relationship with media
 well-developed network------integrated service system, rich social resources
 excellent professional team-----core staff from international PR companies with creativity and deep insight, rich PR execution experience
 internationalized services------strategic opinions and first class services based on years’ partnership with world class companies
 perfect execution------clients first, emphasis on results
 reasonable price-------price level between national and international PR companies.