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  About us

SOC-China is committed to provide classical strategies and professional service to clients engaging in different business fields. We are trustable partner to clients in PR communication and market promotion, with the help of our efficient PR planning, project management, professional insight of market, analyzing ability, and well-developed customer service system and attitudes. We are always assisting clients to enhance image and increase sales, which eventually win competitive advantage and business success.
Facing the brilliant future of PR, SOC-China is sparing no efforts to gain great achievements, which not only explore greater room for PR staff, but also provide impetus for PR. Not such a large company as SOC-China, to be an outstanding and reputed PR company, is a unanimous vision.
For 5 years, SOC-China has been increasing the investment in South China, especially the personnel training which greatly helps clients to achieve expected aims. We are committed to promote localization strategy, taking advantage of our rich experience, leveraging on advanced strategies with clients’ demands to generate greater business value since establishment. So far, SOC-China has been cooperating with different partners in the hope of bringing more and better projects and developing channels to them.
For 5 years, SOC-China has successfully accomplished many projects, accumulated rich experience and also provided constantly training to staff. With a professional localized team for PR planning, and continuing recruiting experts and experienced persons, we are confident to be the most creative and active partner who can give you all-round services.