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The management on corporate image is a core business of public relation consulting services. It willhelp the clients to formulate long-term corporate image strategies in accordance with the market changes and conduct a series of image communication programs. It tries to study the kernel of corporate culture and the operating ideas of an organization and the fast-moving market changes, and to educate the public  to be loyal to the organization.
The corporate image is the symbol of vitality and a kind of intangible assets. It act as a key factor for success of enterprises. However, in such a market with fierce competition, an enterprise has to carry out a set of effective public relation plans and promotions in order to build up and maintain a good corporate image. A corporate culture with high self-identity is necessary; furthermore, there should be a fixed emotion tie built among the enterprise, the clients and the consumers. The public relations can play the certain role.
What Sunshine Oriental Coast Public Relations Co., Ltd (refer to as the SOC hereinafter) can do for its clients includes:

The design and publishing of internal corporate publication
The internal corporate publication is the externalization of corporate culture. The corporate culture often contains the history and future of the enterprise which should be presented in written form so as to be spread in a wider range. Then, the internal corporate publication with such interpretation and description of the corporate culture should be published.

The design and making of news kits, news paper and press or media bags
The news kit, news paper and the press or media bag are prepared for media with public relation communication documents and relevant materials in them. These documents and materials often include:
- The factsheet or background information;
- Introduction to directors;
- Documents to present the standpoints;
- The corporate publication;
- The news release;
- The gifts or samples; and
- The news photos.
- Design and publishing of public communication handbook for corporate image

The public communication handbook for corporate image is a business card of an enterprise and a window for the outside to understand an enterprise. Within a public communication handbook, there should be:
- An introduction to the enterprise;
- The VI of the enterprise;
- An introduction to the corporate culture;
- An introduction to the staff; and
- The contact information of the enterprise.
The handbook should have decent design and comprehensive content which will well present the corporate image.

Design and publishing of corporate news letter
An enterprise can send the corporate news letter to its clients periodically by direct mail or e-mail in order to build a long-term and stable connection. The corporate news letter, a popular way for corporate public relations, often contains:
- The latest changes of the enterprise;
- The personnel change in the enterprise; and
- The activities held by the enterprise recently;
The corporate news letter should be serious but vivid. It can express important update to its clients and, thus, can strengthen the relationship between both.

Making of promotional videos for corporate image
The promotional video can present the corporate culture and image in a full-dimensional and multi-angled way. It takes advantage of sound, video and music to build a easeful environment, in which, the clients and consumers can understand the spirit, culture and development of the enterprise.
The SOC will take a deep insight into the mind and desire of target audience based on the plan and demands of corporate marketing strategy so as to make high-quality promotional videos for the corporate or the products promotion.

Design and making of corporate public relation gifts
Special public relation gifts with an enterprise’s own characteristics can strengthen the relationship with clients. The SOC will design and make distinguished gifts in compliance with the specific requirements of an enterprise.