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  PR Research
  Making of corporate publicizing materials
Management on relations with media
  Media purchase for public relation advertorial
  Planning of Public Relation Activity
  News clipping and media monitoring
  Training on Public Relation Communication

Planning and Organization of Press Conference
Design and Arrangement of Media Interview
Design of News Kits
Release of Information and News Stories Concerning Enterprises to Relevant Media

Relations with Media
Sunshine Oriental Coast Public Relations Co., Ltd (refer to as the SOC hereinafter) will carry on information communication, idea sharing and relationship maintenance with media in different fields, levels and types.
- To plan the media relationship strategies;
- To communicate with top leaders;
- To take charge of daily media communication and to respond to the requests of media;
- To follow up the media information;
- To plan and execute media activities; and
- To maintain the relationship with media.

In an era with rapidly developed media, an enterprise should place much more emphasis on communication with media and the public. The enterprise can sponsor some public service programs to build up a good corporate image, which will help the enterprise to survive some crisis when necessary.

The SOC can help an enterprise to contact the media and offer them those topics they are greatly interested in as soon as possible. If an enterprise can often provide the media with information with good news values, the media will regard it as the source of information, and the media exposure of the enterprise will greatly increase.

The SOC can do well in following the reporting of media and take relevant responses according to the inclination of such reports.

Good news reporting is based on interesting plots. The SOC knows clearly how to write a good news story. Deeply investigating the background of a piece of news and exploring an impressive angle for the story will surely attract the media.

Moreover, the SOC will take advantage of the best communication chance which will get twice the result with half the effort. The SOC believes that the following situations are the best chances for an enterprise to carry out news communication:
- The anniversary celebration of an enterprise;
- The entry of new products into market;
- The argumentation of new technology, new material and new public interest;
- The adoption of CIS;
- The changes of the enterprise (including the update of Logo and VI);
- The merging., joint venture, cooperation and separation of enterprises; and
- The enterprise’s encounter of crisis.

An enterprise should control and monitor the media reporting so as to guarantee its authenticity and accuracy to avoid negative influence. The media is a double-bladed sword which will bring good opportunities and however, cause great losses to an enterprise as well. The SOC has already built up a very good relationship with media and is confident in making the media a spokesperson of enterprise and a weapon for communication of enterprise information.