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The advertorial, literally translated as 'soft-article advertising'from the Chinese term, is a kind of advertisement presented in the form of news story. It has been appreciated with so low cost and high effects that grows up very quickly for enterprises to improve their reputation and goodwill.
To say it specifically, the advertorial has the following advantages:
I. It is distributed in the form of news story and, thus, can be accepted by the audience easily. We are now living in a world full of advertisements which make our eyes and ears extremely tired. In fact, most of the advertisements are so annoying that nobody will spare time on them However, the advertorial is quite different. It has a'face'of news to avoid the hard-sell feeling as often showed in common advertisements, so its effect are much better than advertisements.
II. The advertorial has a competetively low cost, because it is distributed on some special columns in a special way. On one hand, the space of media needs something new and readable to fill in; on the other hand, the advertorial contains some relatively new and interesting plots. Hence, their cooperation can bring a win-win result. What the enterprise requires to do is nothing but pay the reporters, which is rather cost-effective compared with the advertising fee for those hard-sell advertisements.
III. The advertorial can be presented in a clear and enterprise-oriented way, since it is often written by the enterprise itself. Such a kind of advertising can function very well in building up the corporate image and reputation.

Based on good relationship with media and the sophisticated experience of advertorial making, the SOC can offer the clients with:
-  Planning, writing and designing the public relation advertorial;
-  Formulating the full-dimensional media purchase strategy; and
-  Helping building good relationship with media and offering favourable discounts.