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Public relation activities is a good way to build the corporate image and the brand identity. It is a process of involving the target audience in such activities with specific planning and purpose. A well-organized public relation activity can improve the awareness, identity, reputation and the loyalty of the brand and the customer satisfaction, and help the enterprise to build up a good public image, to enrich the brand connotation, to strengthen the brand image, to smoothen the relations with the suppliers and clients, the government, the society and the media, to change those negative attitudes towards the enterprise, to accumulate intangible assets and to promote the sale to some degree.

A full public relation activity planning covers the analysis of the current status of enterprise, the formulation of objectives, the design of theme, the insight of target audience, the selection of organizing methods, the budget and the activity conducting and wrapping up.

Based on its rich experience of public relation activity planning, Sunshine Oriental Coast Public Relation Co., Ltd (refer to as the SOC hereinafter) will provide you with:

Activity Control
The SOC will supply wonderful activity planning and thorough project management, and try to make the activity a focus of media attention or a pool of selling and purchasing.
- To plan and organize the press conference;
- To plan and organize the seminars and exhibitions;
- To organize such ceremonies as the ribbon cutting, the signing and the contributing, and other celebrations; and
- To plan and organize all kinds of promotion activities.

Public Communication
The SOC will send relevant information to target audience through appropriate media in proper ways and opportunities so as to make the most of the objective of clients.
- To formulate communication strategies and plans;
- To draft, write and edit news story;
- To communicate with media and distribute news story; and
- To follow, feedback and evaluate the communication effects.