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News clipping and media monitoring
  Training on Public Relation Communication

Sunshine Oriental Coast Public Relation Co., Ltd (refer to as the SOC hereinafter) will help its clients to discover as soon as possible relevant reporting of their enterprises as well as the industry, to collect the tearsheet of newspaper, to make briefings on the reporting, to verify the accuracy of those reporting, to communicate effectively with media concerning matters occurred in the reporting, and to summarize the development of relations with media.

Specific service supplied by the SOC covers:

1. Analysis of market information
The SOC will monitor the change of relating information according to the designated keywords and some special requirements, and supply the article title translation, the article abstracts and the reporting analysis.
2. Designated Monitoring

The SOC will monitor relevant information of designated products and company activities, carry out the monitoring of newspaper each day and browse through relating daily newspaper, periodicals and websites in compliance with designated lists.
3. Way of Report Sending

- To report the monthly news clipping by mail, and to report the press clipping of each day and each week by fax;
- To send the electronic report of news clipping (every day, every week or every bi-weeks);
- To send the report in the format of JPG or PDF by fax or email; and
- To compress the information of news clipping into a compact disc.
4. Range of Information Monitoring

- All the important reporting concerning the companies, products and services of clients;
- Important information and trends of the rivals of clients; and
- Important information concerning the development of the trade the clients in issued by the government, the trading institutions, the associations and the leaders and parties of the trade.
5. Lists of the rivals need to be made in advance.